Engagement Ring :: Purchasing A Quality Ring (Knowing the 4 C’s and More…)

Engagement Ring
So, what are the 4 C’s? Carat, Color, Clarity, & Cut. These factors are so important in making sure you purchase a quality engagement ring. Today we’ll breakdown the significance of each C and how it can help you out in looking for that perfect ring.
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engagement ring
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Yes, the bigger the diamond, the higher the price, but this does not always translate to top quality. One of the ways to make shopping easier is by understanding that a carat it is based on the weight of a diamond. Knowing this leaves room for clearly understanding and planning your budget and what your limits will be. So, depending on whether you can afford a .5 carat diamond or a 15 carat Lorraine Schwartz stone that requires shades and UV protection, adhering to your budget and what you can afford will make your life that much easier when shopping for an engagement ring.

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Colorless diamonds are amongst the highest grades of D, E, and F (being the lowest grade on the scale). Note, these are considered the top of the line premium choices, because they allow for the greatest reflection of light and have the most dramatic shine. And as you may have guessed by now the greater the sparkle, the greater the price tag.
Now, picking a ring with an H, I, J, or K rated stone, which still makes a statement, but not as expensive, shows a significantly lower price difference by 25-35% than premium grades.
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Being happy is what counts at the end of the day. The GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) 11-grade clarity scale ranges from I for flawless to 3-13, being the lowest clarity grade. Even below the four highest grades your ring selection can still look luminously gorgeous. This type of quality and un-flawed look can be better better demonstrated and explained by your jeweler based on your diamond choice. So, make sure you form a good relationship with your jeweler.
The cut has every affect on your special piece’s reflective qualities as the color does. Don’t cut corners (pun intended) when it comes to this step. This is the part where your shaping the piece that will be on your finger forever. Remember a good cut equals a good sparkle, and based on where on the GIA scale your cut is,  remember that if your cut falls between “excellent” and “very good” then you are headed in the right direction.
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                                                                                                       Final Buying Tips
-Have a Budget, have a budget, have a budget!!!! This can’t be stressed enough.
-Fancier stores have higher rents and higher margins attached to pressure filled sales goals. So, know you’ll be walking face first into bigger price tags in well-known designer stores.
-Buy off season. Holidays will always be peak season in buying an engagement ring.
-Be patient, if its the right one it will be there if its meant to be. We guarantee there isn’t going to be a trend of impulsive ring buying anytime soon.
-Insure your engagment ring. Purchasing a “ring rider” policy to make sure your covered for every potential situation that could threaten the life span of your ring is imperative.
With that being said, happy ring shopping….
  • Gregory Willard

    I have a friend who just recently asked me to help him pick out his engagement ring. I had no idea that colorless diamonds are amongst the highest grades. I always liked the look of the colorless diamond on wedding rings, it just feels more traditional and elegant. Great article, I will have to pass this on to him. http://ringsutah.com

    June 8, 2016