Move over Brides, looks like the Grooms have center stage!

Lately, it has become more and more obvious for our grooms and groomsmen to take fashion by the seams and express their inner being more than smelling like the finest cologne at Macy’s or wearing the sharpest suit. The “Modern Day” Groom and his Groomsmen have taken GQ to another level. From funky bow ties, socks, designers accessories, boutonnieres, to the flair in the thread count of tuxs by designers; grooms are going out of their way to look their sharpest for their bride on their big day.



Today, many groomsmen including the groom look their sharpest underneath their tuxedo. A common fun trend that has taken over is wearing the sharpest socks. Although, matching would be ideal, men have taken fashion over the top in coordinating with socks, but each groomsmen wearing the same line of socks but different shapes, colors, and patterns. These bold lines and colors just seems to add that perfect flair and touch to jazz up the evening.




Some, groomsmen are totally ditching the tuxedo altogether and wearing a sharp casual blazer, coordinating with the wedding of course, adding the touch of a cool pocket square, and in the summer months khakis, or skinny dress pants.



Just as the the groomsmen had matching socks different colors and patterns, another trend is having the groomsman’s boutonniere’s be different. For example, same flower different colors, or different color shades, but different flower. Some men may decline flowers and see them as a tad too feminine, so consider a different plant, such as wheat, herbs, or leaf arrangements.


How could we forget the “Cufflinks?” With this look, one can go as Wall street as one would like or mimic a night at Paris Fashion Week and really make a statement. Cufflinks sometimes are really what makes a man feel his whole ensemble has come together. Groomsmen can all have different cufflinks to express their personalities, or have their initials engraved to distinguish who is who. Other options are sports, bankers, religious, or nationality cufflinks.




So, brides watch out, your groom might just steal the show, but with you by his side of course. Either way if he’s waiting at the alter looking like a spread out of GQ, and you come down the aisle as an heiress of Vogue, we’d say it looks like a Win Win “showstopping” situation.