Last Minute Bride :: Part 2 ( Planning for a Wedding in 6 Months Or Less)

Now, it may seem impossible to many, but when the adrenaline is flowing and the love is overflowing, there is no stopping a quickly approaching wedding day from happening. Many will do what it takes to tie the knot to the one they love without a hitch. No matter the budget, honestly anything is possible. It is just a matter of knowing how to negotiate the appropriate vendors, where to find the perfect dress, cake, and notifying the one’s you love to join you in this short notice of a celebration.
Things to consider when trying to coordinate your venue location, try looking into options that are free, public, or quaint, where it is not a high traffic event space with high amounts of bookings. For example, besides getting married in a courthouse, many brides look into having a small special wedding in their backyard (or a neighbors), and sprucing it up with outdoor decor to compliment the wedding colors, your personal church (if you’re a member, the ceremony could potentially be free of charge), a public park, or near a lake. Just make sure with public places you acquire the appropriate permits if necessary. Have fun while you meet caterers, test menus, taste cakes, book a DJ and/or band, find a great florist, buy your wedding rings, register for gifts, etc.. The key is to keeping an open mind, and understanding that you may not ultimately land your first choice, but your day will turn out splendid, regardless.



There is always enough time to bake a cake, but in this case be ready to lock in your deposit ASAP, and decide on fillings, frosting, and types of cakes right away. Also, consider many different desserts to be placed on the sweets buffet/candy table. This way maybe if there really isn’t enough time to lock in a baker for a 3-tierd cake, at least your guests can walk in with a sweet tooth and enjoy other delicacies available. For example, cupcakes, cake pops, pastries, candy, doughnuts, fruit tarts, pies, etc. These will most certainly distract from having a extravagant cake, and everyone is able to get their sugar fix for the evening.




When inviting your guests with such a short notice, it is better just to provide your guests with final SAVE-THE-DATES, and RSVP reminder emails through digital invitations that allow guests to confirm their attendance. These websites still allow you to customize and pick your themes and details to get the message out quickly to your guests. If you opt for snail mail, just remember you run the risk of not receiving needed information in adequate time for you to lock in specific numbers and prices.





Unfortunately, you may have to drop some serious change in altering a dress in 3 months or less, but if you can find a bargain, kudos to you. Sometimes, visiting a really good dress thrift shop if your into the vintage look, or maybe even considering donated bridal dresses could be an option if time is really cutting it close. Either way we know you’ll look stunning, it’s ultimately all up to what you can afford and what your willing to spend.




Solidify all travel as soon as you can. Since, everything is already such short notice, acquire and book all your travel logistics. If it is too soon, or not in the budget, make it a point to save and plan for a honeymoon 6 months to a year from your wedding date. This way both of you can enjoy your special time together and not have to worry about pinching pennies and rushing.




Overall, planning a wedding in six months or less is very doable, just prepare yourself beforehand, be decisive and make sure that your must-haves are still achievable. Weigh all your options, but quickly of course, and make sure that you like all your selections even though they may be a little hasty. Nothing would be worse than to have a rushed wedding that you liked nothing about. So, whether you planned for 2, 3, or 6 months , or even 2 weeks, remember it’s your day to enjoy.