It’s about that time….

Does it seem as though every time you open your Facebook, or catch up with a friend someone is getting engaged, married, having a baby/throwing a baby shower, being whisked off on a romantic getaway, aka on their honeymoon, or expressing their overflowing love for one another?

Then next second you know your heading down the same path. But the only problem is, it’s come soo fast that you haven’t had time to create or put aside a wedding budget and collect all your thoughts, and your considering a  DIY Wedding (short for “Do It Yourself”).

Well, before you jump into biting off more than you can chew and endure more anxiety than you would like to, here are a couple factors to consider when you have a strict budget and really want to be your own wedding planner, or just considering a “Day of Coordinator”.

1. Look into considering a part-time, or wedding coordinator on a budget ( of course this is a little bias, I mean planning and coordinating is what we naturally do here at ARoseDesigns)

–  Truthfully, many couples do not know how to negotiate deals and vendors down to a price point that is appropriate with not having any prior experience. Also, where a couple may believe they are saving money they are really dishing out more coins by having way too many options, voices, and choices.

2. If you really must (DIY)…Start with your guest list and oh yeah, THE BUDGET!!! Perfect way to keep on top of your money and in line with HOW you can make your vision and desires come to life within your means. Just remember also DIY does not mean it can be cheap, so we stress be careful and have a good budget plan.

3. Be organized yourself and be ready to tackle any and everything
There are so many unexpected issues and set backs that can happen, so be prepared to handle them as a couple on top of everything else. You want to make sure you avoid a domino affect or have a back-up plan and one or two alternatives if your “first choice” options are not available. Anticipate the challenges and ask questions, and also be smart in considering known recommendations.

4. Avoid being the ” Bride Hulk”…
– Don’t think you can do everything all at once in your time and how you specifically want it. Wedding planning and logistics are not always going to work out perfectly, but some how seem to always display the magic the day of. So, remember if you and your “husband-to-be” are working as a team and are really trying to make the DIY option work, make sure your’re also devoted to working TOGETHER. you don’t want to fall out of love with your wedding at the last moment. Be patient, practical, and remember to always think it could be worse, so be thankful that you have the support of each other all the way until you say “I Do”.

5. Make it meaningful and remember less is more.
– There are so many ideas and pieces of inspiration that can cause a bride to get carried away. Make sure you pick a theme, stick to it, and remain focused. The most important pieces will all come together once you have a solid plan in place and your guests show up and you show out.

6. At some point let everything GO, and ENJOY YOURSELF!!!