Don’t Be a “Last Minute Bride”

Now, we’re not saying that there isn’t a chance that possibly you may be frantic, have a million things running through your head, you stub your toe, your curls drop, you leave a couple pins and your garter at home, and you chip the paint on your freshly painted nails, all on the morning of your wedding day. But, there is one thing to definitely keep in mind when prepping, scheduling, incorporating, and planning your wedding. DON’T BE LAST MINUTE. If there is something you want done or added into your wedding, research or look into it early, and actually on your wedding day your call time should be bright and early (preferably the crack of dawn). You will be surprised at how fast your morning and day will go on your special day. Also, this is why it’s important to have a wedding planner, because they automatically know the how the exact timeline of your wedding should go, where to look and how to negotiate some of the toughest vendors when it comes to budgeting. Ultimately, your wedding planner has that “unspoken, secretive” magic wand that simply makes stuff happen.

Between perfecting the wardrobe of your bridesmaids, including bustling the bottom of your dress, and making sure your soon-to-be-husband has all his groomsmen ties going in the right direction, we suggest you try to make a list a day or two beforehand for the specific concerns or things you would like to make sure are in order and on track the day of your wedding. For all our type A personality brides, this will help to keep your thoughts clear, and also keep you from making everyone else’s heads spin down the aisle. On your day you should be stress free, and put your trust in the initial people you hired to take the reigns and turn your day into a magical fairytale.

Trying to incorporate too many mini projects and ideas on the morning
of, or 24-48hrs before can cause confusion and more unneeded stress for
yourself. Hence, why you plan ahead, but we understand the small
details, need, not to be forgotten. Just keep in mind that too many of
these DIY’s and projects can add up and distract from the main event.
You need to always remember to relax and intake every second of your
day. It’s about being in the moment. Remember to always be present and
live within every second of it.
STAY TUNED NEXT WEEK FOR “LAST MINUTE BRIDE” PART II: Planning a wedding in 6 months or less !!!!